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Transparent LED Displays which are widely used for Retail Store, Shop Mall, Auto 4S shops, etc. The outdoor series are designed for extreme environments and are water and moisture resistant.

Prices Start at $999

2024 New Transparent Led Display Solution!

Solutions We Provide

Our most popular product line can fit into any space you have,
whether it's waterproof outdoors, high definition indoors, or as an electronic poster for your store.
  • o clear p3.47 indoor high transparent led display

    Indoor Fixed Installation HD Transparent Led Screen

    O-CLEAR Series:
    The O-CLEAR Series is ideal for a variety of applications, such as shopping malls, mobile phone shops, retail chain stores, window glass LED displays, and Auto 4S shops. This series is a great option if you need to showcase LED advertising while allowing light to come through the building.

    Key Features:
    1. Ultra-thin and lightweight: weighing less than 11kg/m², and can be joined together in any configuration.
    2. High transparency and brightness: with more than 4500-5000 nits and a hidden wire design.
    3. Saves on labor costs: the power box can be quickly opened and closed with one hand.
    4. Equipped with quick plug-in parts, convenient for events.
    5. Customized cabinet sizes to meet different project requirements.
    6. Edge protection design prevents LED collisions, which results in a longer lifespan.

  • o clear pro transparent led display

    Indoor Side-emitting Transparency Led Screen

    O-CLEAR PRO Series:
    Side-emitting Led Display, Fixed Installation, IP30, 85% High Transparency.

    Key Features:
    1. Frameless design, All power boxes are hidden on both sides of the screen make sure the best visual effect;
    2. High Brightness, Side emitting design allows brightness up to 5000 ntis;
    3. High Transparency above 85%, almost invisible of the screen led strips when viewing distance above 3m;
    4. Unique Rear Soldering tech makes sure all the modules are perfectly straight.

  • transparent led display

    Outdoor Waterproof Transparent Led Screen

    O-Crystal Series:
    It use In The Extremely Environment, Realizing The Exact Water-Proof, Moisture-proof, Anti-Collision, Anti-UV, Anti-Dust And Avoiding The Led Lens Dropping phenomenon.

    Key Features:
    1. Waterproof IP65, enable to use in outdoor and indoor various environmental conditions.
    2. Edge protection design avoid led collision for a longer lifespan.
    3. High protection against collision, statics, moisture, dust etc, better endurance for long-term usage.
    4. Easy and Quick for Installation and Maintenance. Standardized cast aluminum design with quick locks and connectors for fixed and rental installations. Lightweight, ultra-slim, easy for installation and maintenance.

  • transparent led poster screen

    Transparent LED Poster Screen

    O-Clear Poster Series:
    Revolutionize your marketing strategy with the Modular Transparent LED Poster with Freely Splicing. Ditch the outdated roll-up banners and embrace the future. Harness the power of wireless control through your mobile device and WIFI to deliver dynamic advertising LED displays that will not just attract customers but leave a lasting impact with crystal-clear promotional content.

    Key Features:
    1. Plug and Play: Quick and simple setup.
    2. Ultra transparency: Exceptional visual clarity.
    3. WiFi control: Remote management.
    4. High definition: Superior image quality.
    5. Movable and standing placement: Versatile positioning options.

A thorough understanding of transparent Led displays in one article.

Welcome to discover new business

High-definition LEDs and high-density pixel technology combine to bring you our most innovative and eye-catching transparent LED display yet. With a light transmission of over 50%, building occupants won’t even know that it is there, allowing you to take full advantage of sunshine and blending your advertising seamlessly with the surrounding office environment. Generate new sources of revenue for your business today!

2021 Ultimate Guide: LED Transparent Display

Transparent LED display, one of the creative LED screens which have strong ability to attract attention, has occupied more and more market share than years ago due to the aesthetic appearance and great performances. When you want to start a transparent LED display business, there should be some preparation a thorough understanding of this kind of LED screen display, right?

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In this case, Our partners in the USA are planning to use it for an outdoor music stage project. This product is waterproof and highly brightness, making it easy to work on outdoor stages, and it is lightweight and easy to set up, allowing the stage to be moved at any time. The stunning visual effect of the transparent Led display is sure to blow all audiences away!

42sqm outdoor waterproof transparent led screen

Our product advantages

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Whether you need to create a customize transparent LED display or you need portable poster units, One Display has a display solution for your installation.

One Display offer options for indoor and outdoor use and are available as flat, curved, or cylinder transparent LED units. Uniquely versatile, our systems can be integrated to create stunning, cost-effective displays to deliver powerful messaging to your customers.

High Transparency

It offer unparalleled transparency letting sunlight flood in through the window its fitted to, whilst displaying a perfect picture on the outside.

Slim & Light-weight

LED Transparent screens are both slim and light due to lack of framing and unique PCB. easy to install and service.

Customizable Sizes

Being able to be produced in more or less any size means they can be integrated into any windows and environment.

High Brightness

A high brightness of 5000 nits is available, perfect for bright sunlight facing windows.

Quick Install

Our quick lock system makes the cabinets not only quick and easy to connect to each other, but also ensures perfect precision alignment. Panels connect faster, safer and are more secure.

Curveable Cabinet

Unique cabinet designs as well as optional smaller cabinets makes the screens curveable, both convex and concave.

Transparent LED Display Solutions

Our most popular product line can fit into any space you have,
whether it's waterproof outdoors, high definition indoors, or as an electronic poster for your store.

O-Crystal Series

Curved Waterproof Transparent LED Display for Stage

O-Clear Series

Indoor Transparent LED Display For Shopping Centre



Side-Emitting Clear LED Display For Retail Shops

O-Clear Poster Series

Modular Indoor Transparent LED Display Poster

What do you gain by cooperating with us?

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Sturdy Packaging

We use custom-made wooden or flight cases, packed internally with shock-resistant foam, to ensure that the goods are delivered to you in perfect condition.

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The Maximum 5 Years Warranty

We offer our customers a two-year warranty, plus an additional of extended warranty of up to five years and replacement parts are available for you to take care of your worries.

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Best Price Guaranteed

OneDisplay is committed to providing high quality Led screens at affordable prices. The quality of our products is matched only by our incredible service and support.

Get advice from onedisplay experts

Whether you’re looking into purchasing a Transparent Led Display for the first time, or if you’re seeking to update your current advertising business, we are more than happy to help. Here are some frequent questions we receive.

Transparent led display is a real breakthrough in screen technology, when it does not show any image, people can see directly behind the screen. Our transparent led based displays offer full HD resolution, with such a high pixel density, more than 50% light transmission can still be achieved! That's the advantage of transparent screen. It will never block the sunlight from entering your Indoors!

This depends upon the size and weight of the display, the strength and the nature of the wall, support or ceiling where we are installing. These issues are addressed at the site survey phase of planning.

Depending on the Led Screen and your requirements there are a number of ways of controlling a display. Many OneDisplay products are operated via an easy to use media player, usually controlled directly with connected PC or mobile device.

Build and delivery times vary considerably depending on the nature of the display and installation location. We’ll always communicate directly with you to arrange delivery and installation times and try to find a time that suits you.

transparent led screen ready to ship to singapore1 New Cases

12m² P3.47 and 6m² P3.9 Transparent LED screens ship to Singapore.

169m² o tile series indoor led screen ready to ship to europe3 New Cases

169m² O-Tile Series Indoor Led screen ready to ship to Europe

28.3sqm p3.9 7.8mm customized transparent led display2 New Cases

28.3SQM P3.9-7.8mm Customized Transparent LED Screen ship to Europe

transparent led screen for standard chartered.jpg2 New Cases

28.75m² P3.9-7.8 Transparent Led screen for Standard Chartered in HK

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