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Transparent LED displays—solutions for every need,  Customize and out-of-the-box transparent LED turnkey solutions.

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Whether you need to create a customize transparent LED display or you need portable poster units, One Display has a display solution for your installation.

One Display offer options for indoor and outdoor use and are available as flat, curved, or cylinder transparent LED units. Uniquely versatile, our systems can be integrated to create stunning, cost-effective displays to deliver powerful messaging to your customers.

Transparent Led Display

High transparency

O-Clear offer unparalleled transparency letting sunlight flood in through the window its fitted to, whilst displaying a perfect picture on the outside.
high brightness

High Brightness

A high brightness of 5000 nits is available, perfect for bright sunlight facing windows
slim & lightweight

Slim & Lightweight

LED Transparent displays are both slim and light due to lack of framing and unique PCB. easy to install and service.

Curveable cabinet

Unique cabinet designs as well as optional smaller cabinets makes the screens curveable, both convex and concave.
quick install

Quick Install

Our quick lock system makes the cabinets not only quick and easy to connect to each other, but also ensures perfect precision alignment. Panels connect faster, safer and are more secure.
customizable sizes

Customizable Sizes

Being able to be produced in more or less any size means they can be integrated into any windows and environment.

Sturdy packaging

We use sturdy wooden or aluminium boxes to ensure that the goods are delivered to you in perfect condition.

Two year warranty policy

A two-year warranty and replacement parts are available for you to take care of your worries during use.

Best Price Guaranteed

We use high quality lamp beads, power supplies and other components to provide you with the most cost effective products.

Curved Waterproof Transparent LED Display for Stage

transparent led display for stage
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transparent led shopping centre
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Indoor Transparent
LED Display
for Shopping Centre

Indoor Transparent
Led Display
for Exhibition

2020 ice
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retail shops
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Clear LED Display
for Retail shops

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