11.25m² P1.56 Indoor Fixed LED Display ready to ship to Kansas, USA

Product info:

Product Type: O-Tile
Pixel Pitch: 1.56mm
Panel Size: 1000x250mm, 750x250mm
Panel Quantity: 46pcs
Brightness: 500nits
Package: Wooden Case

Spare Parts:

Spare Module: 18pcs
Spare Power Supply: 5pc
Spare Receive Card: 5pc
Spare Screws and Wires: Configure according to the situation

Key features:

Wide range of indoor applications
Refresh Rate(Hz): 1920-3840


It is used for High-speed trains, airports, education, hotel, mobile phone shop, Auto 4S shops, etc.

p1.56 indoor fixed led display ready to ship to kansas2

p1.56 indoor fixed led display ready to ship to kansas

Details of this order:

Just wrapped up our latest LED screen installation project in one of the coolest Fridge Liquor Stores in Kansas, USA! 🌟
This extra-long LED screen, measuring 22.5m in width and 0.5m in height, adds a stunning visual element with its impressive P1.56 pixel pitch. With a total of 11.25 SQM, this screen is powered by our cutting-edge O-Tile Series, perfect for indoor applications.
Curious to know what’s making this LED screen stand out? Let’s break it down:
•🛠️ Versatile and easy installation options for any space.
•📐 Customization possibilities to fit your exact needs.
•⚖️ Lightweight yet robust construction for a sleek appearance.
•📈 Impressive refresh rate and resolution for a mesmerizing display.

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