LED Technology for
Airports & Rail Station

Airports and other transportation hubs have the challenge of needing to communicate to is travelers 24/7. Led Technology – Immerse travelers in unforgettable experiences!

2024 New Airport & Rail Station Led Display Solution!

Solutions We Provide

LED technology can ease travelers' minds by making their visit seamless. Reliable and rugged digital LED displays guide travelers as they arrive, depart and everything in between. Immerse travelers in an unforgettable experience with eye-catching digital display designs and content, creating a relaxed environment. Entice their interests with third-party advertisements, all while putting more money back into your pockets.

LED screens promote a worry-free travel experience for airport passengers.

Most travelers habitually arrive at the airport early, and on average, a traveler spends 60-120 minutes at the airport before the flight departs.

Airport visitors refer to LED displays for guidance as they arrive, depart and make their way around facilities, especially for passengers who have never traveled through that particular airport before. Digital signage is an eye-catching way to inform visitors where to go and what to do. From instructions at security checkpoints to important flight information, airport LED displays provide several crucial functions, as well as showcasing third-party advertisements for airport businesses.

Popularity of Led Displays is changing the Airport Experience

LED Displays for a New Airport Experience Airports are one of the places that remain in hustle and bustle 24/7. Advertising within airports is nothing new. Static posters have been commonplace within transport hubs since they first began appearing however, over the last 10 years there has been a shift from predominantly static platforms to the introduction (and now widespread installation) of digital displays. More and more airports are supporting the digitization of advertisements thus, making Led Display dominate the world of print media advertising.

How We Understand Airports?

Enhance Passenger Experience, Digital displays reduce the stress of passengers by helping them to navigate as efficiently as possible through the airport.

Efficient Retail Advertising, Airports will function more and more like shopping malls. Using digital displays, airports will be able to raise awareness of shopping and dining—even expanding marketing opportunities to brands.

Unique Art Runway, One emerging trend is the use of digital signage as art. It has been made even more attractive with LED video walls that can bend and wrap. Plus, the “art” can change regularly based on season or events.

Easy Entertainment, LED digital signage also brings entertainment to passengers. News headlines, sports scores, entertainment news, and more, are displayed in live feeds in certain sections of the screen rather than the whole screen

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Several Ways to Use Your Airport Led Screens

Find the right place in the airport project to install the LED screen, Make the Airport Visually Impactful Worship Experience!

Flight information / Way-finding Led Display

Standalone signage, indoor LED Screen and video walls provide the most up-to- date gate info and flight times to passengers. Interactive displays provide detailed information to travelers, enhance their understanding of the airport and reduce pinch points.

Airport Led Screen for Entertainment

Between long connections and flight delays, some passengers may end up waiting for a considerably long time. LED screens can broadcast news or promote airport gift shops, newsstands, restaurants, or other forms of entertainment throughout the terminal. This can help passengers pass the time while they wait for their flights to take off.

Duty-free shops & restaurants Advertisements

Airports frequently sell ad space to third party vendors, and LED screens are the perfect way to display advertisements. With a digital approach, you can broadcast static and video ads, and you also have the flexibility to change content as needed. You can also use a slideshow to display multiple advertisements from one dynamic, high-definition screen.

Digital Art for Airport

Not sure what to do with an odd space, atrium or hall way? LED displays allow for creativity to create a digital art piece that can be easily updated to fit seasons, marketing pushes and give a lasting impression to both novice and experienced travelers.

Baggage Belts Led Screen

Passengers spend a significant amount of time waiting for their luggage to arrive. These places are not only good for updating the location of baggage forwarders to arrange arrival flights, but also for advertising.

Airport Curbside & Marquee Message Displays

Outdoor signage and outdoor LED displays provide directions to travelers while looking for a place to park or the location to be dropped off. Make a first impression by welcoming travelers and reassuring them of airport entrance locations, Minimize the time it takes travelers to circulate roadways and reduce curbside location confusion.

Creating Engaging Designs for Airport

Statistics from Sixteen-Nine
of travelers recall seeing a digital display within the last month.
people can recall the ads displayed when they pass by the digital signage.
of items advertised saw a direct sales increase do to digital display advertising.
of business owners recommend the use of LED signs to others.