LED Display for
Stages, Events & Theatre

When the stage and screen are combined, the perfect combination of LED screen venue and lighting turns your live event into an experience.

2024 New Stages, Events & Theatre Led Display Solution!

Solutions We Provide

Our solutions accommodate a wide range of configurations including indoor, outdoor, hanging, floor-mounted, corner-beveled and smoothly curved video walls. OneDisplay has LED displays for different purposes on the event stage. These include rental LED displays, Transparent LED screens, Outdoor fixed LED displays, creative LED displays, and more.

Enhance The Live Experience with a Stage Led Screen

For rental and staging environments, timing is everything. Aimed to accommodate a wide range of rental and staging applications, OneDisplay’s rental and staging led display solutions are unique in their thoughtful design, patented technology and comprehensive range to deliver unique, engaging, eye-catching rental and staging installations.

Stage led wall deliver sharpest images at widest viewing angle so that the audience can enjoy a clear and vivid imaginative effects even not facing to the middle of the led screens. The outdoor rental screen is utilizing smd technology to deliver high contrast for a clear and vivid image with highest brightness, even under direct sunlight.

How To Choose The Best LED Screen For A Stage Event?

OneDisplay stage LED screen is engaging and has high visual impact, uniquely designed as outdoor and indoor stage screens in events, trade shows, theater, TV studio, church, and more. It can be customized to meet your desired event screen outcomes. The stage LED screen is commonly used to spice up attendees’ and participants’ viewing experiences. LED panels for set successfully make your show live and engaging. Also, it adds excitement, flavor, and theme to the whole area. Besides, it is not for decorative and display purposes alone but also for conveniently relaying a message, information, and other vital details to the public.

How Do We Understand Stage?

Excellent Visual Experience, The LED display has high definition, high refresh rate, high contrast, and high gray level to meet the needs of stage broadcasting, create a live effect with strong visual impact and artistic appeal.
Convenient Application, LED screen can quickly switch the screen function to coherent and appealing to each program.
Create the atmosphere, An exciting stage or a good performance is all about creating emotions. Make impact with stunning large display visuals that completely immerses the audience in the performance.
Lightweight Design, The stage LED display is designed with ultra light cabinet for easy transport. And quick assembly and disassembly in a few seconds. With its unique advantages. Has gradually replaced the traditional billboards.

Several Ways to Use Your Stages & Rental Led Screens

Rock concerts, Event opening ceremonies, Sales conferences, Political rallies, Awards shows, These are the occasions that need to deliver impactful visual experiences in compact timelines. They require durability, serviceability, and efficiency.
stage led screen8

Concerts & Touring

Capturing the audience's attention and creating unforgettable performances, the fast processing and creative design features according to the needs of the stage create interesting illusory effects as if they were up close and personal with the stars, enhancing audience participation and allowing performers to have fun and showcase their talents.

Awards Shows

Rendering the atmosphere and increasing the sense of ceremony, the clear and detailed background images displayed on the LED display brought an infinite sense of honor and surprise to the whole event, making people feel highly valued.
stage led screen3
stage led screen4

Large-Scale Performances

Create gorgeous stage, perfect performance presentation, according to the basic needs of each participant, fast processing and innovative design features for the stage to create a vivid and interesting, illusory effects, so that the performance more infectious.

Speaking and Stand-up Comedy

Easily switch the display screen to make the speech vivid, the LED display shows video and data pictures and text, making the speech more interesting and the audience more focused.
stage led screen5
stage led screen6

E-Sports Competition

Top game events, Led, display is the key, the most important equipment for e-sports events is the LED display, LED display "large" and "clarity" can also better meet the audience in the game game sense of technology and immersive viewing needs. In order to create a realistic and gorgeous effect of the game scene, a large number of professional gaming venues are even equipped with stage devices


Through the LED display, a high-tech stage was created to showcase the unique lines of the car, the exquisite and beautiful design and the performance of the car, etc. The audience was so amazed that they could not resist photographing and sharing and buying.
stage led screen7

What Do You Gain By Cooperating With Us?

Sturdy Packaging

We use custom-made wooden or flight cases, packed internally with shock-resistant foam, to ensure that the goods are delivered to you in perfect condition.

The Maximum 5 Years Warranty

Standard two-year warranty, Extended warranty of up to 5 years and replacement parts are available for you to take care of your worries during use.

Best Price Guaranteed

We use high quality lamp beads, power supplies, IC, more stable cables and other components to provide you with the most cost effective products.