12m² P3.47-3.47 Transparent Led screen Ship to Italy

After thousands of retail store projects in France and Poland in 2021, our P3.47-3.47 transparent Led screen begin into the Italian market. Even if we have already done a lot of transparent Led screen projects in the past years such as P3.9-7.8, P6.25, and P10.

Nowadays, fine pixel pitch and the proportional transparent Led screen began to lead the market. Our P3.47-3.47 transparent Led screens will be all over Europe in the next year with our win-win partners in Italy.

The unique characteristics of our products have made them very popular in the European market:

1. Positive proportional and Fine pixel pitch transparent Led screen with HD and transparency.

2. Various cabinet choices, 500x750mm, 1000x750mm, 1000x1000mm, 1000x15000mm.

3. High Brightness Up to 5000nits, Clear in sunlight too.

4. Ultra-thin & Ultra-light, Beautiful and concise cabinet design.

5. Make the light come through inside of the building while displaying the led advertising!

12m² p3.47 3.47 transparent led screen

12m² p3.47 3.47 transparent led screen1

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