54m² Transparent LED Display ready to ship to Europe

Product Info:

Product Type: O-CLEAR
Pixel Pitch: 2.8-5.6mm
Panel Size: 1000x1500mm
Panel Quantity: 34pcs
Brightness: 4500-5000nits
Package: Wooden Case

Spare Parts:

Spare Module: 78pcs
Spare Power Supply: 2pc
Spare Receive Card: 2pc
Spare IC: 200pcs
Signal Line: 300pcs
Spare Screws and Wires: Configure according to the situation

Key Features:

Frameless designed, the transparency is up to 95%
PCB can be cut which allows customized size and shape.
Power supply efficiently , the maximum brightness 8000nits,the average consumption is 240W/M2
Easy to assemble ,install and maintain


Glass window/wall, Retail Store, Shopping Mall, Events like Stage, Concert, Exhibition and Fashion Show

54m² transparent led poster display ready to ship to europe

Details of this order

The customer needs to choose between the traditional led screen and the transparent led screen. After careful comparison, the customer finally chooses the latter, which has a more fashionable and thin structure, and is easier to install. Most importantly, it is installed behind the window to the greatest extent. to reduce the blocking of sunlight, to achieve maximum beautiful possibility, we have customized:
1. 4 different customization cabinets for various screen size
2. 4 different customization HUB cards
3. Lighter and thinner power box

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