64m² P3.9-7.8mm Rental Transparent LED Display Ship to Europe

Product info:

Product Type: O-Clear
Pixel Pitch: 3.9-7.8mm
Panel Size: 1000x500mm
Panel Quantity: 128 pcs
Brightness: 2000-2500nits
Package: Wooden Case

Spare Parts:

Spare Module: 64pcs
Spare Power Supply: 4pcs
Spare Receive Card: 4pcs
Spare IC: 50pcs
Signal Line: 18 pcs
Spare Screws and Wires: Configure according to the situation

Key features:

Lightweight, fast locks with rental quick assemble and dismantle design
Wide range of indoor applications
Refresh Rate(Hz): >3840


It is used for TV station, stage, exhibition, concert, conference, etc.

64sqm rental transparent led display2

64sqm rental transparent led display

Details of this order:

Recently, we honored got our clients confirmed for indoor Rental Transparent LED Display 64m² for TV show in Europe, it with High Transparency, High refresh rate over 3840HZ to allow brilliant performance in TV shows, to achieve the as excellent displaying visual effect with highest transparency, we customized power box to only 50mm in width, we customized with fast locks, and aviation plugs for high durable frequently use.

To achieve maximum beautiful possibility, we have customized:
1.Special power box for higher transparency.
2.Special fast locks for beautiful back view and easy use.
3.All cabinet used 1000x500mm cabinet to allow customer flexible assemble of screen size

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