How LED Walls Saves Money Without Sacrificing Quality?

If you plan o purchase a led screen, follow tips that may help you get money-saving led screen wall solution.

Firstly, Before purchase, things you need to know:

1. Plan ahead at least 3 months, don’t be in rush.
LED screen manufacturing lead time usually is 30 – 60 days, shipping by sea need to prepare 1month. If you need a rush, additional extra charges may be incurred.

2. Find suitable pixel pith.
The higher resolution, the more density of LEDs, IC, etc components, thus the higher the cost. If it the higher resolution the better? Not for all, pixel pith choice usually is according to the viewing distance, the screen size, and the displaying contents requirements. If only displaying some simple pictures, text, no need to choose a high-resolution solution. For pixel pith choice it’s better you can consult the supplier, they can give you a recommendation.

3. Try to use standard product solutions, reducing customization.
For standard solutions, the factory usually has bulk production, the products may more stable, and because of bulk production, the cost for the led screen can much lower down, thus you can easily get a most stable and cost-effective solution. Customization solution can make special, while it needs to add extra charges depend on its complexity.

4. Make full use of the spare like sending card boxes, receiving cards, power supply, etc.
A professional supplier can give you a solution just in the right choice of sending card box, receiving cards, power supply, etc. Not the biggest the better, but the no waste one, the most suitable solution.

5. Choosing the smart installation structure solution.
When choosing a led screen, the product’s panel design also needs to take into consideration, smart panel design not only looks nicer but also can save a lot on the installation structure, thus the packing, shipping, and labor cost.

Secondly, about Package & Shipping

1. Package choice.
Before shipping, you can check with your supplier for their package solution, try to make products package in less space. A professional package solution not only can provide good protection to products, but also save a lot of package space, thus reducing a lot of shipping fees.

2. Shipping choice.
For small package screens, can shipping by airplane or express like TNT, FedEx, DHL, you can compare each to choose the cheaper one. For a big package, if time allowed, shipping by sea can save a lot of shipping fee, or can check if have shipped by Train to your local. With China and Asia, European The Belt and Road policy development, shipping by Train are more and more convenient for Asia and European countries.

Thirdly, During running, Careful maintenance can make a longer lifespan.

1. Hours of working.
7/24 hours working is supportive for most led screen solutions, while long time overworking may reduce screen lifespan. Every day try to give 4-8 hours rest of screen is good for its long time working.

2. Regular turn on the screen.
Electronics products prefer working most often. If a long time does not turn on to work, humidity may get inside thus destroy the led inside components, every week at least one-time turn on the screen for over 1-hour screen working is good for keep screen for longer life span.

3. Using a light sensor for outdoor solutions.
For outdoor installation, many screens need to facing outdoor and ask for high brightness. Always keep the screen in the maximum brightness may speed screen brightness fading. We knew that sun brightness at morning, noon, tonight the environment brightness is different, adding a light sensor for screen outdoor solution, a light sensor can help screen automatically adjust its brightness according to the environment. On the one hand, a smart light sensor can help saving energy consumption, on the other hand, it could help better maintain the screen.

Last but not least, honest supplier and responsible warranty:

A good supplier can provide you worry-free after-service throughout their provided screen lifelong, including pre-sales consultant, solution engineering and support, keep updating product producing progress, strict product quality control at every process, transportation assist, installation guidance, and quick response to customer’s feedback, etc.

ONEDISPLAY adheres to standing at the customer’s feet, according to the customer’s need, providing the customer with a market innovative solution, with reliable quality, and always responsible service. To be a customer trust-worthy supplier in World.

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