P3.9-7.8 Outdoor Transparent Led Display Ready To Ship To America

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45SQM O-Crystal series P3.9-7.8mm Outdoor Transparent Led Display Has Been Aged 72 Hours and Ready To Ship To America.


Our partners in the USA are planning to use it for an outdoor music stage project, which is sure to be visually stunning. This product is waterproof and highly brightness, making it easy to work on outdoor stages, and it is lightweight and easy to set up, allowing the stage to be moved at any time. The stunning visual effect of the transparent Led display is sure to blow all audiences away!

Product Features:

1. Watwerproof IP65, Enable To Use In Outdoor And Indoor Various Environment Conditions.
2. Edge Protection Design Avoid Led Collision For Longer Lifespan.
3. High Protective Against Collision, Statics, Collision, Moisture, Dust Etc, Better Ensurance For Long-Term Usage.
4. Easy And Quick For Installation And Maintenance. Standadized Cast Aluminum Design With Quick Locks And Connetors For Fixed And Rental Installations. Light Weight, Utra -Slim, Easy For Installation And Maintenance.

45sqm o crystal series

45sqm o crystal series2

45sqm o crystal series3

45sqm o crystal series4

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