Semi-outdoor Transparent led display for outdoor Park in Spain

Recently OneDisplay another outdoor transparent led display has installed in Gran Vía de Vigo Spain, creating innovative LED digital signage perfectly combined with the park’s artistic design.

YouTube video

follow are the highlights of OneDisplay solution:


1.Moisture Proof. 

The installed is at a public park of Spain, humidity main the main killer for the electronic products, we offered waterproof IP65 transparent led display solution, which could maximum reduce led screen failure from humidity.

2.Dust Proof. 

Dust couldn’t get inside of the led components, better protect the screen and can keep fresh colors visual effect for a long time.

3. High Transparency and Ultra-Slim. 

No blocking the sunlight get into the corridor as well as people’s view to outside, Onedisplay outdoor Transparent LED display using glues to sealed the LEDs and components, for this outdoor standard IP65, the transparency still can > 56%.

4. High brightness with seamless picture quality.

Brightness over 4500nits, high precise cabinet frame design gave the transparent seamless combination.

Also, you could see it’s not easy to install a led wall in this inclination structure, after 3 times changes and modify the solutions with our clients, finally, we come up with this simple and easier way. Onedisplay has professional and responsible teams that adhere to providing customers with the most satisfied solutions.

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