12m² P3.47 and 6m² P3.9 Transparent LED screens ship to Singapore.

Product particulars:

Category: O-Clear
Pixel Spacing: 3.47-3.47mm,  3.9-3.9mm
Panel Dimensions: 1000×1000
Quantity of Panels: 15 pieces
Luminosity: 4500-5000nits
Packaging: Encased in a Flight Case

Supplementary Components:

Additional Modules: 18 units
Backup Power Supplies: 50 pieces
Standby Receiver Cards: 50 pieces
Surplus Integrated Circuits: 200 units
Transmission Cables: 100 units
Additional Fasteners and Cables: Customized based on requirements

Key features:

Featherweight, straightforward installation
Versatile suitability for diverse indoor settings
Refresh Rate (in Hertz): 3840Hz


Designed for deployment in brand retail outlets, shopping centers, and automotive 4S stores.

transparent led screen ready to ship to singapore1

transparent led screen ready to ship to singapore

Details of this order:

In recent times, we celebrated securing a project encompassing a grand total of 45.5 square meters, involving 49 individual units of indoor LED Display in Italy, in collaboration with our esteemed partner. This installation is earmarked for positioning within a shopping mall’s central atrium, poised to lend an air of allure and sophistication to all promotional endeavors.

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