Common faults and troubleshooting methods of LED Display

1. There is no signal output from the LED display screen. The reason is that the voltage of the control card is abnormal and the direction of the flat cable connection is incorrect. After sending and receiving the card and checking, adjust the voltage to the normal value. Replace the card.

2.  The whole screen shaking phenomenon of LED display, one is the control card, the address of the multimedia card is wrong, readjust or replace. On the other hand, if the whole screen has a slight jitter phenomenon, it is because the power supply of the display screen is insufficient. You can measure whether the power supply is normal. If the power supply voltage is lower than 190V, please adjust it to normal. If the power supply voltage is abnormal, please contact our company.

3. The LED display screen is full of bright lines, the reason is that the computer crashes or power off, restart the computer.

4. The partial display panel is not bright, and the following is a long bright line because the switching power supply that provides + 5V power to the board is not output, that is, the power supply is faulty, you can turn off the screen first, and measure whether there is a short circuit between the + 5V power and 0V. (Normal is about 15Ω, below 12Ω, can be a short circuit. If the short circuit finds the short circuit, if the negative value is normal, it means that the power supply is damaged and must be replaced.

5. The two lines of the display unit do not light, because the integrated block HC245 is not normal, so check and replace it.

6. If the computer is powered off at the moment of opening the screen because the power supply is insufficient, and the computer and the LED display are used in the same way, it is recommended that the user use only one power supply for the display to avoid electrical interference to the computer.

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