Fantastic Outdoor P3.9 shipped to Switzerland this week!

Our 24m² Fantastic Outdoor P3.9 was just shipped to Switzerland, which is for an Outdoor Event in June.

As we all know, it’s a very difficult time for the whole LED industry in the past year, especially for the AV companies, almost no events.
Although there are still uncertainties this year, our client bought 24m² Outdoor P3.9 from us after testing our sample panels. They are going to have a Second to None event in June. I’m sure it will be a great event!

YouTube video

Here Are Advantages Of Our O-King.
1. Corner protection design
LEDs are well protected during transportation and installation.

24m2 outdoor4

2. Modular Design
The cabinet is composed of three parts: modules, frame and power box, which is easy to maintain.

24m2 outdoor5

3. High accuracy arc locks
Different options for concave or convex screens.

24m2 outdoor6

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