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2ft by 1ft Outdoor Ultra-Thin Led Display

O-Matrix Series:
O-Matrix‘s Modular design makes the panel size more flexible and available: 8’*4’/6’*3′ or even customized, such as billboards, bus shelters, mobile signs, 90ºAngle Led Screen, etc.

Key Features:
1. 2ft x 1ft panel size, Designed exactly in Feet.
2. IP68 with both Flat and 90-degree angles.
3. High reliability, wide application, and brightness up to 10,000 nits.
4. Small panel size makes more flexibility on screen size.
5. Smart, light, and thin for labor-saving– each panel only 3.9KG. makes it very easy and cheaper to install.

Product Features

Smart, Light and Thin

O-Matrix Series, with a 2ft×1ft panel size, the thickness of 63mm including the module, weighs about 3.9kg/pcs.
It shows texture and value through the metallic surface and unique design which make the cabinet more eye-catching.

o matrix1

Simple and Fast Troubleshooting

Concise and easy design, each panel integrates power supply, receiving card, and module inside, which facilitates the modules moving,
especially for only one technician to maintain it immediately which helps you save a huge labor cost.

o matrix2

“Crazy” Heat Dissipation

The panel can work freely without an air conditioner even in a 55 degrees environment,
which profits from its aluminum die-casting design in the back shell to quicken heat dissipation.

o matrix3

Strong Reliability,
Various Applications and Brightness up to 10000nits

An ideal DOOH product with IP68 and fanless design applies to different environments:
dusty roadside, humid seashore, scorching districts, rainy areas, etc.
What’s more, 10000nits is very enough for direct sunlight.

o matrix4

45° Cutting Angle Design

With 45° cutting angle design and seamless 90° angles assembled to make the O-Matrix Series Ultra LED display cabinets to show a visual feast,
With display the Naked-eye 3D effect on a rectangle wall by its friendly design of the shell structure, Create a strong three-dimensional visual impact.

o matrix5

Low Mounting Cost

It has an advanced locking system and minimalistic cable connector, easily locking the units on a simple framework,
which all make your installation easier and faster, also lower your cost.

o matrix6

Cable-Free Design

Power and signal cables are integrated. Data and power cables are substituted by BTB connectors with strong stability.

o matrix7

Flexible and Customizable

To customize different sizes and shapes of screens to meet customers’ needs.
Customized aspect ratio: 4:3/16:9, Customized resolution: 1080p, 2k, 4k, 8k, etc.

o matrix8

Case Study

o matrix case

Videoo & Download

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Product Specification
Pixel Pitch(mm):

P4.7, P6.3, P9.5

Cabinet Size(ft):

2ft x 1ft



Key Point:

Smart, light, and thin for labor-saving– each panel only 3.9KG, IP68 Grade water-proof and dust-proof with both Flat and 90-degree angles Installs.

Product Specification
ITEM P4.7 P6.3 P9.5
Pixel Pitch 4.7625mm 6.35mm 9.525mm
LED Lamp Bead Model SMD1912 SMD2727 SMD2727
Module Size(W*H) 2ft x 1ft 2ft x 1ft 2ft x 1ft
Module Resolution(W*H) 128×64 dot 96×48 dot 64×32 dot
Module Pixels 8192 dots 4608 dots 2048 dots
Cabinet Size(W*H*D) 2ft x 1ft 2ft x 1ft 2ft x 1ft
Cabinet Resolution(W*H) 128×64 dot 96×48 dot 64×32 dot
Cabinet Weight(kg/m2) 21kg 21kg 21kg
Density of Pixel (dots/m2) 44088 dots 24800 dots 11022 dots
Best viewing distance >4.7 m >6.3 m >9.5 m
Brightness(cd/m2) 6500-7000 nits 6500-9000 nits 6500-10000 nits
Cabinet Material Aluminum
Maintenance Way Front & Rear
Viewing angle 160°/160°
Protection level Ip68
Gray scale 13-24bit
Driving method 1/8 1/6 1/2
Refresh rate 1920-3840Hz
Operating platform Windows XP /7/8/10
Signal Input DVI, HDMI1.3, DP1.2, SDI, HDMI2.0, etc.
Operating Voltage AC110V – AC220V@ 50Hz/60Hz
Maximum Power(W/m2) 800
Average power(W/m2) 230
Continuous working time ≥7×24hrs
Service life 100000Hours
Operating environment -20℃~45℃ 10%~90%RH

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