temperature measurement

Face recognition temperature measurement lcd display

8 inch Key Features:

1. Run Ads
2. Hand Disinfection(Touchless)
3. Access control
4. HR management
3. Temperature Measurement
4. Facial Recognition(Recognize Masked Face)
5. E-Face Software allows you to maintain and manage your machine remotely.

Product Features

8-inch IPS full-view LCD display

Industrial-class appearance, waterproof and dust proof design which is stable and reliable.

temperature measurement

Intelligent Automatic Face Recognition

Supports accurate face recognition and comparison while wearing a mask.
Using industrial-grade binocular wide dynamic camera, night infrared and LED dual photo flood lamp.

temperature measurement

Non-contact temperature measurement safer

Built-in infrared non-touch temperature measurement module. When people is performing face recognition, it can measure their forehead and facial skin temperature at the same time. In a non-contact, accurate, reliable, efficient and non-perceived way, the terminal will issue an unusual warning to those whose body temperature exceeds normal values, and show their temperature.

temperature measurement

Supports human body temperature detection and temperature display

The longest distance at which body temperature can be measured is 0.3-1 meter, Support voice broadcast during measuring, The measurement error is plus or minus 0.3 ℃.

temperature measurement

Supports various peripheral expansions

Supports various peripheral expansions such as ID card reader, IC card reader, etc.The documentation is complete and supports secondary development.Support system level, APP offline level, APP + background network level multiple API docking.

temperature measurement

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Product Specification
Product Specification

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