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We Production a variety of indoor led display screen which are widely used for Retail Store, Conference Room, Educational Presentation, Control Room and Church Event.

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Whether you need to wall mount, hang, or install on a curved wall, our popular product can be fully customized to different led video walls to create the most suitable space for you.
  • Indoor,Front Maintenance,Led,Screen

    Indoor Front Maintenance Ultra-thin Led Screen

    O-Tile Series:
    Indoor Front Maintenance Ultra-thin Led Screen is usually be used for: Fashion Shop, Meeting Room Video Wall, Church Led Wall, Shop Windows Advertising, Airport, etc.

    Key Features:
    1. Front service for Wall mount Hoisting, Double-sided lifting, Shelf screen installation,
    2. 250×250 mm and 1000×250 mm cabinet size can be customized to build any size screen project,
    3. Cabinet weight 2/5.5kg, fast and easy installation, Thickness 41.6 mm only, Smart and neat.
    4. High refresh ≥ 3840Hz, HDR-high resolution, Low brightness, High Grayscale.

  • o clear p3.47 indoor high transparent led display

    Indoor Fixed Installation HD Transparent Led Screen

    O-CLEAR Series:
    The O-CLEAR Series is ideal for a variety of applications, such as shopping malls, mobile phone shops, retail chain stores, window glass LED displays, and Auto 4S shops. This series is a great option if you need to showcase LED advertising while allowing light to come through the building.

    Key Features:
    1. Ultra-thin and lightweight: weighing less than 11kg/m², and can be joined together in any configuration.
    2. High transparency and brightness: with more than 4500-5000 nits and a hidden wire design.
    3. Saves on labor costs: the power box can be quickly opened and closed with one hand.
    4. Equipped with quick plug-in parts, convenient for events.
    5. Customized cabinet sizes to meet different project requirements.
    6. Edge protection design prevents LED collisions, which results in a longer lifespan.

  • o flex product

    Concave & Convex Curves Flexible Led Display

    O-FLEX Series:
    O-FLEX Series Adaptive LED Tile allows for more creativity than ever before. Its lightweight and ability to curve, bend, fold and attach to virtually any metal surface makes it perfect for those installations that call for a non-traditional LED solution.  O-FLEX Series allows for seamless convex or concave LED designs where traditional flat panels will not work.

    Key Features:
    1. Easily Build Concave & Convex Curves.
    2. Front& Rear serviceability with Magnet design.
    3. Super thin design, only 0.25kg/Module.
    4. Custom frames and sizing.

  • 4k Led Display

    4K Small Pixel Pitch Led Display

    O-HD PRO series:
    Small pixel pitch LED display was born to replace LCD Video Wall, it is more suitable for indoor high-end commercial applications. It provides better colors and visual experience with gap-free.

    Key Features:
    1. Golden ration 16:9, Easily splicing 2K/4K/8K Screen,
    2. Ultra light&Slim Thickness only 54mm,
    3. Full Front &Rear Service,
    4. Simple installation without steel structure,
    5. Modular design with wireless connection,
    6. Wide View Angle,
    7. High heat dissipation efficiency,
    8. No Fan, No noise.

Helping our dealers build a local advantage

In this case, our customer did a Great project use our O-Tile and O-Flex for a Famous Sporting goods Retail Store in Japan last month, the end user was impressed by the great display effect!
led screen hotspot onedisplay
led screen hotspot onedisplay

We provide high-brightness solutions, no matter how the environment is illuminated, you can always see the screen clearly. Our smart sensor can also help adjust the screen brightness based on the environment lighting automatically.

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A range of pixel pitch options from 0.9mm to 8mm can be used to support any environment or budget, which means we can be creative when designing your solution.

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Our quick lock system not only allows the cabinets to be connected to each other quickly and easily, but also ensures perfect and precise alignment. Panel connection is faster, safer and more secure.

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Whether it’s our Indoor Ultra- Thin Led Screen, Flexible Led Display, or 4K Small Pixel Pitch Led Displays, The lightest and thinnest LED display on the market.

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Being able to be produced in more or less any size means they can be integrated into any window and environment. Our LEDs are flexible in size and easy to replace.

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Creative Solutions To
Meet All Your Unique Needs

In this case, we used ultra-thin and ultra-light Flexible LED Display Screens to bring a different visual experience to the Round column of the Subway station, we bring the digital world to physical spaces.

fiexible led display showcase

One Display Indoor LED Display Solutions

Whether you are looking for indoor screens for retail, meeting rooms or window advertising applications, One display indoor digital signage displays are the perfect choice to display your content in a large and effective manner.

Whether your project is large or small, our video walls can be fully customized to fit your space. Help strengthen the connection between your brand and customers and make your brand image vivid.

Why Choose One Display?

Using the highest quality LEDs gives us confidence in all aspects of the product, including diodes, receiving cards and power supplies.

We provide 24/7 use and a 2-year warranty as the standard warranty for our indoor LEDs (Extended warranty of up to 5 years), so that our customers can rest assured that their investment will always be visually impressive.

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Indoor LED Screen Display Solutions

Find out more about the eye-catching digital signage products we offer.
storefront signage & window displays​

LED-display behind a window

Our Indoor window LED-displays make it possible to display a full image in high resolution on a large surface without the annoying seams of an LCD wall. In addition, you can also choose LEDs with very high brightness, so that your indoor LED-display is perfectly legible behind a window, even from the outside and in full sunlight.
A LED screen that is inside, but communicates with the outside world. Bright and colorful store signs with dazzling product photography and video arouse the curiosity of customers and invite them to browse the store more inside.

in-store Ultra- Thin Led Screen

In-store Ultra- Thin Led Screen gives you the opportunity to present customer-specific content in a modern, engaging, and highly visual way.

In the current experience economy, it’s all about marveling customers through clever in-store digital media installations and experiences that will reflect your brand value and differentiate you from your competitors. Therefore, whether it is a simple single screen or a customized LED video wall, our in-store Ultra- Thin Led Screen solutions can adapt to any environment.

in store digital screens​
exhibition center & shopping mal

For Exhibition center & Shopping Mall

Indoor digital signage used in the entrance of Exhibition center&Shopping Mall to attract attention from audience.

In today’s connected world screens are essential to engage fully with audiences and visitors at exhibitions and shows. LED Screens provide a great way to grab attention and showcase products or services. Videos, social media, and interactive elements can all be delivered through your big screen.

For Corporate and Institutions

With an indoor LED screen from OneDisplay you have the possibility to display images in high resolutions and in large dimensions in large public spaces or inside your office.

The indoor LED screens are used for large conference rooms, meeting rooms or as an eye catcher in a central reception hall. But also as scoreboards in sports halls or as a presentation screen in your showroom of your company. And of course in many other applications.

corporate and institutions​
decorating pillars onedisplay

Special shapes

O-FLEX Series Flexible LED Display Screen allows for more creativity than ever before. It is super thin, very lightweight, and most flexible to design shapes, effects, and its ability to curve, fold and attach to virtually any metal surface makes them perfect for those installations that call for a non-traditional LED solution.

Made from soft PCB and rubber material, these soft and flexible LEDs offer a wide range of shapes like circles, columns, ellipses triangles, spheres, etc.

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Saving Your Time

By our advanced equipment and efficient production processes, and our large stock of raw materials the delivery time is 30% faster than other factories.

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our one-stop services will short your supply chain, two-year warranty and replacement parts are available, our premium quality will make you worry-free.

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We use High-quality raw materials insist on providing you with the most cost-effective products.
You will save 15% of the fees because of our excellent cost control.

Get advice from
onedisplay experts

Whether you’re looking into purchasing a digital display for the first time, or if you’re seeking to update your current digital signage, we are more than happy to help. Here are some frequent questions we receive.

An LED display is a display that uses LEDs to generate light to illuminate a display. These can come in several forms! The most common being LED backlit displays, which use LEDs to illuminate an LCD or plasma panel.

This depends upon the size and weight of the display, the strength and the nature of the wall, support or ceiling where we are installing. These issues are addressed at the survey phase of planning.

Depending on the Led Screen and your requirements there are a number of ways of controlling a display. Many OneDisplay products are operated via an easy to use media player, usually controlled directly with connected PC or mobile device.

Build and delivery times vary considerably depending on the nature of the display and installation location. We’ll always communicate directly with you to arrange delivery and installation times and try to find a time that suits you.

12.96m² p1.87 indoor wall mounted led screen ship to the usa1 New Cases

12.96m² P1.87 indoor wall-mounted 16:9 led screen ship to the USA

15m² p2.6 rental led screen ship to france New Cases

15m² P2.6 Rental LED Screen Shipped to France: Superior Event Solutions

roatia-Transparent-Led-screen New Cases

Transparent LED Screen 8m² P3.9-7.8 Ready for Shipment to Croatia

transparent led screen ready to ship to singapore1 New Cases

12m² P3.47 and 6m² P3.9 Transparent LED screens ship to Singapore.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us?

"In a new construction project, the LED video screen was one of the last elements to go in, and we had the full install complete in only two days, which they greatly appreciated. Early on in the process, show them the performance, and reliability of an OneDisplay LED video display, and once they saw its numerous advantages, they were absolutely buy.”
brad kautzer onedisplay
Brad Kautzer
“I initially had the misconception that LED video would be a more costly option, but once we started speaking with OneDisplay and saw what the O-Tile Series could do, we knew this would give us the better ‘bang for our buck’ and the install looks absolutely amazing.”

lisa moore
Lisa Moore
"OneDisplay, a longtime friend and strategic partner whom we trust most, possesses one of the finest manufacturing technologies and always provides our company with the highest quality Led Display Screen. Cooperation with OneDisplay is happy and successful."

tim malcarney
Tim Malcarney
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