P3 Outdoor Led Screen ready to deliver to NWS Australia

As you can see, the cabinets are hydraulic rod front opening access and customized size by 800mm x 1120mm. The cabinets will be installed by the double side back to back, so it has to be designed by front access.


This P3 is used for Outdoor permanent fixed application, so the Protection grade must be IP65 at least. Otherwise, in order to the long lifespan and high quality, we adopted the Top configuration materials as NationStar LEDs, MeanWell PFC power supplier, ICN2046, dissipation fans in the cabinet. Very high brightness can be achieved 7500nits, totally enough for outdoor daytime using.

The modules and screen were aged for 48 hours already but there’s no dead LEDs problem and cold solder joint.

The cabinets with the perfect flatness and high contrast color, nice modules assembling without ectopic.


So what is the outdoor small pixel pitch LED applications like P3?

Some clients got some small outdoor projects by limited area or small size but also need high resolution for some videos displaying, and then the small pixel LED like P3 will be the best solution.

Might be someone will prefer to adopt LCD instead of a lower budget, however, LCD has the much lower brightness compared with LED and worse protection grade, the most important is LCD is restricted by the very limited small size but LED is assembled with seamless.

The outdoor small pixel pitch will be the tendency in the future because the clients are always requesting the resolution, so we have been at the forefront.


Outdoor LED billboard has advantages of good stability, low cost, and widely used. LED advertising screen, LED message moving sign, and LED graphic screen are the first choice in today’s bright city.

When installing a quality outdoor LED display, what kinds of details should be paying attention to? I think this is the most concerned topic, especially for some skilled construction workers. If they know more about outdoor structures, LED display maintenance will greatly promote the message dissemination. Specifically, the installation of an outdoor LED electronic display screen should be divided into field investigation, equipment set up, assembly, and debug four steps.

1. The investigation of installing site

Before we assembly an outdoor LED display, we should have to make some tests of the outdoor environment, topography, luminous range, the highest brightness, and other parameters. To make sure the LED billboard installs smoothly, you required engineers to deliver the best put-on plan to ensure the equipment could work stability.

2. LED devices construction

For outdoor LED advertisement display installation, there are some differences in LED wall screens, LED hanging signage, and advertising screens on the roof. On the actual installation site, the project should be segmented with cranes and hoists according to the height. In the meantime, a better installation plan will greatly help workers working at heights.

3. Debugging the luminous ranges

Testing the specific luminous ranges is necessary. Owing to different lighting ranges, an LED display screen has different built-in angles. According to the angle of field capacity and all the usual range of outdoor LED display to fixed installation. Ensure that people could see a normal, brightness balanced image or caption information from every angle.

4. Follow-up testing and maintenance

Follow-up tests including LED display waterproof, thermal layer, LED Waterproof coating on the surface, storm ranges on the display, side ventilation holes, and supply rails. These basic components constitute the whole stability of the graphic LED screen. The follow-up maintenance should have united management in these components. Rust, instability, or product damage all needs to replace them time to ensure the safe use of the LED display.

Overall, the outdoor LED billboard has unified management in using the high-tech Back plate heat sink, dot – matrix light source. These basic installation steps of LED outdoor billboards indicate that some important factors in assembly. To master these will help us more smoothly and efficiently use the advertising displays and promote the advantages of LED display information transmission.

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