Transparent Led Screen Narrow Pixel Pitch P2.8-5.6 in France

Last month, our first Transparent LED narrow pitch 2.8-5.6 was installed in France by our client.

The screen size is 2m x 2m but displayed a very brilliant effect.

Due to the pixel pitch is small, so even the screen size is very limited, the displaying resolution is very splendid and the client was very satisfied with the effect.

The brightness of the screen can be achieved 5000-5500nits so even facing the full sun in the daytime, it can still perform very well.

As the pixel pitch requirement by clients is smaller and smaller, the normal Transparent LED pitch 3.9-7.8 lost the “fresh” and narrow pitch is more and more popular even as Transparent LED, that’s why we have to research and promote the narrow pitch P2.8-5.6 and P1.9-3.9.


With the gradual development of intelligent technology, we gradually penetrate the daily life of various intelligent products, adding a rich and colorful sense of technology to people’s life. In the field of the LED display screen, fashionable, beautiful, and modern glass curtain has entered people’s life. OneDisplay has carried out innovative development in the field of LED display application terminal. Transparent LED display provides new visual feeling and application experience, which enables us to take the leading position in many LED display innovation fields through our bright display mode, light, and thin design, and high-end atmospheric technology.

At present, the Transparent LED display screen is transparent, light, and easy to install. The energy-saving and environmental protection functions are attracting more and more attention in the market. Our city is beautifying and displaying more and more things. According to the survey, the market value of the transparent mark will be about 87.2 billion US dollars in 2025. The future of Transparent LED screen will be accompanied by the extensive demand of commercial LED screen Market and the continuous innovation of LED transparent screen.


The development trend of transparent LED display


With the development and improvement of LED display technology, the requirements for outdoor advertising media are also increasing. On the other hand, the existing advertising light boxes, posters, and other media cannot meet the needs of new advertising development, and quickly become a prominent trend of outdoor high-definition LED display screen and a new trend of new media development. On the other hand, the proliferation of outdoor advertising display screen is affected by a series of negative effects, but the approval procedures for installing outdoor large screen are more and more complex, and the outdoor advertising management is more and more strict.

In this large-scale environment, Transparent LED display screen is everywhere, and the demand for occupying the market is growing. Especially the application of glass curtain wall becomes more and more important.


Transparent Led screen is in the early stage of development, but the industry is generally optimistic about prospects. According to relevant departments, the total area of China’s modern glass curtain wall is more than 90 million square meters. Such a huge glass curtain wall will become a huge potential market for outdoor media advertising.

Transparent LED display is a new display technology, the biggest feature is transparent, 60% to 90% transparent, beautiful and loose display technology, which has little impact on the appearance of the original building. When using Transparent LED screen to play advertising content, the rest of the content will not be illuminated, only the content to be played will be displayed, to reduce light pollution and energy consumption.

So far, the advertising value of this market has not been fully developed. It is expected that its emergence will create a new blue ocean for outdoor advertising. On the other hand, the future demand for the Transparent Led screen is expected to increase geometrically.

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