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Indoor Side-emitting Transparency Led Screen

Side-emitting Led Display, Fixed Installation, IP30, 85% High Transparency.

Key Features:
1. Frameless design, All power boxes are hidden on both sides of the screen make sure the best visual effect;
2. High Brightness, Side emitting design allows brightness up to 5000 ntis;
3. High Transparency above 85%, almost invisible of the screen led strips when viewing distance above 3m;
4. Unique Rear Soldering tech makes sure all the modules are perfectly straight.

Product Features
Frameless design
 All power boxes are hidden on both sides of the screen to make sure the best visual effect

Side emitting Transparent led display1

High Transparency & High brightness

For shopping malls, building facades advertising, retail chain store, window glass led display, bank, airport, flagship, etc.


Easy Customize

Easy customize, Suitable for display windows with a height of no more than 5m and a width of no more than 3m,  High transparency, simple and clean in the back view.


Easy Maintain

Easy maintenance, maintenance can be easily done by changing the led strip.


Wide field of view

No blockage of ambient light, wide field of view


Case Study
store solutions
store solutions
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Product Specification
Pixel Pitch (mm):


Cabinet Size (mm):


Refresh Rate(Hz):


Key Point:

Designed for the demand of window advertising of Retail store.

Product Specification
ITEM P3.9-7.8
Pixel Pitch 3.9-7.8mm
LED Lamp Bead Model SMD3010
Module Resolution(W*H) 128×1 dot
Module Size(W*H) 500x2mm
Cabinet Resolution(W*H) 256×64 dot
Cabinet Size(W*H*D) 1000x500x70mm
Module Arrangement(W*H) 1×64
Density of Pixel (dots/m2) 32768
Brightness(cd/m2) 5000
Transparency rate 85%
Cabinet Weight(kg/pcs) 5kg
Cabinet Material Aluminum frame
Maintenance Way Rear Soldering
Viewing angle 140°/140°
Protection level Ip30
Gray scale 14bit
Scan mode 1/8
Refresh rate 1920-3840Hz
Operating platform Windows XP /7/8/10
Signal Input HDMI、DVI
Operating Voltage AC:110V~240V、50~60Hz
Maximum Power(W/m2) 800
Average power(W/m2) 340
Continuous working time ≥7×24hrs
Service life 100000Hours
Operating environment -10℃~60℃ 10%~90%RH

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