Transparent 3.9mm LED screens for Italian “Paranoia Airlines” touring 2019

Italian rapper Fedez kicked off his “Paranoia Airlines” tour in March 2019 in Florence and wrapped up in April 2019 in Conegliano. The show features an on-stage cube (10 meters wide, 8 meters high, 8 meters deep) formed by One Display’s Transparent 3.9mm LED screens on the sides and front, which allows the performer to be seen behind when he’s lit correctly. Although the cube is fixed in position, the front panel is divided into two and opens with a Kinesys rail to allow Fedez to move freely around the stage and to provide a surface for IMAG effects.


“Having a see-through LED screen is something we liked because every visual with a lot of negative space makes it look like it’s floating in mid-air. This would let us create effects around and in front of the artist while still being able to see him and/or blend him with the visuals at our pleasure.” Jacopo Ricci, LD for Fedez said.


“This is an incredibly exciting time for the industry,” says Hope Lee, Senior Market Analyst at Futuresource Consulting. “Product design is increasingly focusing on flexibility, such as convex and concave. Ease of maintenance and service is coming to the fore, while power-saving features are now a mainstream topic. With all the technological, competitive, and pricing factors that are galvanizing the market, watch out for a surge in DOOHstadiumsairportscontrol roomsretail, and broadcast across all major markets. Our forecasts show that this groundswell inactivity is on track to propel sales beyond $12 billion by 2023.”

LED video displays commanded the lion’s share of the market in 2018, accounting for more than 85% of total revenues and growing nearly 30% year-on-year. Narrow pixel pitch (NPP) LED was another revenue hot spot, increasing by nearly 50%, with significant market growth taking place in China as well as across developed markets. This has also driven up the indoor market, which now accounts for 56% of all LED video display sales.


Through this period, the design and innovation of LED manufacturers have kept pace with demand, seeing all aspects of componentry and mechanics develop at a breakneck pace. Whilst much of this development has been in response to extremely strong end-user demand, manufacturers have also been in a race to move beyond a ‘one size fits all approach, to offer far broader product ranges.

Futuresource has regularly highlighted this changing approach with vendors solely focused on large pixel pitches rushing to introduce narrower options, the emphasis on customization gradually giving way to standardization and products specifically designed to match the demands of individual vertical markets.

The rental market offers a fantastic example of this development. This segment of the market has always been important for LED, fluctuating between 5-15% of revenues across the years. The events market has long been a key revenue driver for the entire Pro AV market.

As reflected in the Futuresource work in audio and lighting, but bright spots have come from key segments like corporate events, exhibitions, etc. Even those steadier markets like living and touring have seen budgets increasingly shift to visual, where LED is fast becoming the leading display option.


One of the providers that has led the way in this area, and indeed in other areas in LED, is OneDisplay GOB Transparent LED.


As a main player in Transparent LED displays, OneDisplay focused on the development of unique, brilliant, high-quality LED products and solutions, and earned wide market recognition, OneDisplay is #1 in the global GOB Transparent LED rental market.

GOB Transparent LED is called for short Glue-On Board. The pixel pitch widely used the stable standard P3.9mm-7.8mm in the transparent LED industry. Waterproof Dustproof and Anti-crush of IP65.

It is currently widely applied in advanced corporate events, broadcasts and exhibitions and large concert.

In this rapidly evolving market, successful brands will continue to be those that push the boundaries and innovate. The future of the LED rental market will be interesting to follow, with plenty of headroom for growth and a clear demand from the channel.

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