LED Wall For Churches, How to help your church thrive during COVID-19

As 2020 has turned into 2021, many recently arisen challenges are continuing to confront churches. According to a recent study, almost a third of churchgoers have dropped out during the pandemic.

Among the challenges thrust to the forefront are those associated with recognizing the increasing value of broadcasting and streaming worship services. Even with churches having been largely open in recent months, most have been so on a limited capacity basis.

For some churches, the video solutions typically under consideration range between investing in an LED video wall, but, not too long ago, LED walls were often deemed too cost prohibitive for many houses of worship.

led wall for churches

But now, THEY ARE SURPRISINGLY AFFORDABLE, Costs for LED walls have decreased substantially with up-front costs only 15-20% higher than projection. In addition, when a projector bulb or the entire projector fails, the replacement costs can be thousands of dollars each time. LED video walls are modular, so a panel or even a bulb can be swapped out at a much lower expense.

When the Covid-19 outbreak occurred, with social distancing and people being online as church attendees, it has required a significant increase in the media quality, Upgrades for many churches have included investing in camera systems. Upon taking that step, churches have often “looked to LED walls as a backdrop to the pastor and worship team.

Now, video walls have rapidly become and essential part of church lighting designs. This has created new opportunities to enhance worship services making church up to speed to the newest technology.

There are many things to be considered when choosing the right video wall  the pixel pitch, viewing distance,  and panel/module dimensions.

The brightness of LED walls is a big attraction to churches because many of them have a lot of windows and have to deal with a lot of ambient light during services. LED video wall adapt to any lighting even for outdoor events making it a great choice.

They can get as large as 100-plus feet making it as customizable to fit the needs of each church. The most obvious advantage of the LED wall is the visual impact for their congregation throughout the entire church.

Many houses of worship include contemporary elements to their services, particularly with live music. Along with sharing words for attendees to sing along, the brighter and vibrant LED video production experience brings the music to life, much like a live concert.

led wall for churches1

Traditional projection may lack the brightness in your space for easy reading and engagement. LED Wall images have a noticeable higher quality image.THEY ARE BRIGHTER AND EASIER TO SEE FOR CONGREGANTS.

LED walls have two to three times the lifespan of a projection set up. A projector lifespan is typically 3-5 years, and during its service life replacing light bulbs and lighting engines on a regular basis is typically required. LED walls have a service life of 100,000 hours or 11.5 years. This is because projectors have a single passive source of lighting, meaning it’s one lighting bulb for the entire projection brightness. While LED walls have millions of active self-emitting light sources, which burn evenly in a uniformed pace.Therefore, THEY LAST LONGER THAN PROJECTORS.

led wall for churches2

In recent months, the church has seen “their broadcast attendance far eclipse their in-person attendance, Many people were searching (for worship services online), looking to connect with a church, while staying at home.

LED Wall For Churches will help your church thrive during COVID-19, Would you like to know more about it?

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