Trade Show LED Display: Ultimate Guide Guide

Having a superior product doesn’t make you stand out from the crowd, especially at trade shows, where it’s easy to get lost in the noise no matter how good your product and brand is. To make a significant impact at industry shows or conventions, your booth needs to incorporate solutions that help grab the eyes of the passersby. Interactive demos, brilliant display screens, and engaging presentations can all help make your company one to remember at even the busiest trade shows.

Incorporating high quality audio and visual elements will not only draw people in, but remembering your brand is more likely if it is displayed across a large LED screen. If the normal marketplace feels crowded, a trade show is the ultimate form of industry competition. With a large number of booths in the convention hall, garnering visitors can seem daunting, but when every new person who comes by is an opportunity for future business, it’s important to attract as many attendees as possible.

What Are Trade Show LED Displays?

Trade show LED displays are digital booth displays used by companies to increase visibility as they showcase their newest products.

When you are placed side by side by many competitors, you would want to step up your game and incorporate many strategies to get people’s attention and visit your booth. And LED screen displays are the most used tools in trade shows to boost one’s trade show sales.

Playing engaging and informative video displays is one of the best ways to communicate with your target customers. It allows you to deliver your message creatively and, at the same time, draw people into your designated location. It is so rare for any booth display not to have any video screens. The best trade show booths always have at least one of these.

Exhibition video walls are more than just LED monitors that show various contents. They make people and attendees remember you and your presentation. Because when it comes to participating in trade shows, it is not enough to only have the best products or large booth. You will need to incorporate other creative solutions to help people remember you and your brand even at the most crowded and busiest trade shows.

Led Screen Applications for the Trade Show

Trade shows are great opportunities for many businesses to make an impact and build product awareness. Here’s how you can apply trade show video displays to make a statement, attract the attention of many viewers, and stand out from the competition:

Large Format Video Walls. LED video walls for trade shows are now staples to many major trade shows and exhibitions. This trade show display solution is used accordingly to provide customers informative and visually stunning video presentations about your product. It offers high resolution and crystal-clear imaging. They are typically mounted on the walls, hung from the ceilings, or used as the stage background.

trade show led display4

Transparent LED screens. High-resolution graphics and exceptional transparency give the impression of your LED display floating in thin air; a mesmerizing customer experience and an unrivaled way to grab attention and communicate your brand messaging.

trade show led display1

Poster LED Display. We understand that sometimes aerial LED screens and video walls are not feasible for small venues, or sometimes companies want to have an advertising standee near their booths. For this case, a range of LED screen standees is available for you. This display solution allows you to easily feature products and information by just simply uploading video content. It is way lighter, portable, and easily movable.

Trade Booth Banners. If you are tight with the budget but still want to make sure trade show stands or builders draw attention from the participants, you may incorporate LED banners in your design. LED banners are a digital display solution that is simple to use, simple to install, and adapts to the sale point. They can make your booth visible enough to get noticed by displaying text and messages in bright colors.

trade show led display2

Creative Trade Show Displays. With a crowded show floor, there is a good chance a large majority of attendees will not find you unless you have great floor booth placement on the floor. Our curve-able LED displays give you the ability to create 360° aerial LED displays that can attract potential customers from the other side of the convention hall.

trade show led display5

What Are The Tips In Setting Up Trade Show Booths And Displays?

Before setting up your trade show booth displays, here are some good practices that will help your company participate in any trade affair as profitable and rewarding as possible:

Know Your Audience. Before curating your LED display for your upcoming trade shows, make sure to do some research about your target market. Learn about spending habits, general lifestyle, likes and dislikes, and interests. Incorporate these details in your ad campaigns and digital display design and content to get their attention and interest. Knowing who your customers are is the core of any marketing campaign. Customize your digital display content accordingly.

Good Location and Good lighting. As much as possible, choose a location for your booth near a path walk or the aisle. It will instantly increase your visibility to passing attendees and viewers. Otherwise, make sure that your lighting is good. Use additional lights to enhance your booth appearance. Furthermore, bright and colorful LED banners or standees will be of great help in making your trade show booth displays noteworthy.

Interactive Demos and Engaging Booth Display. Trade shows are about presentation. It is about how well you can present your ideas, product, brand, and business, in general. Of course, the first thing the viewers will notice in your booth, aside from your products, is your displays, which include your LED Screen Display. Your LED screen exhibition must ignite curiosity or command attention. And once your audience is hooked, your team must deliver an equally exciting and engaging demonstration as your booth display.

Gifts. Offering your prospective customers gifts and refreshments are just simple acts that can make a huge difference. It is already good that you make them entertained and amazed by giving them a sensational visual experience. But making them feel valued and being taken care of will leave them with a good impression of you, your brand, your business, and your products and services.

What Are The Advantages Of LED Displays In Trade Shows?

The advantages of incorporating LED video display at a trade show:

It captures and draws attention. To have an eye-catching exhibition stand or booth is the goal of every company as they participate in expos. A wide range of LED screens for trade shows you can rent or buy to realize this goal. You have to remember that the overall design of the venue, your booth, and your display are the first thing the customer notices.

It engages the audience. An interactive LED video wall for a trade show, for example, is a powerful tool in capturing the audience’s interest and maintaining or keeping it. It keeps the audience entertained and involved. Creative visual displays contribute to a great extent to the overall experience of the audience. This experience can translate to higher sales and bigger deals.

It helps in creating a lasting impression. This lasting impression can be good or bad. But, of course, we aim for the good one. If you want to impress new connections, clients, distributors, and even your rivals, utilizing creative and custom-made LED displays in your booth will securely make your brand the star of the night, which, for sure, everyone will remember.

Do You Offer Custom-made Trade Shows LED Displays?

Yes, OneDisplay offers customized and personalized solutions for your trade show LED display needs.

If you are planning to join or you have scheduled a trade show in the future and are thinking of putting creative and unique LED displays, we can certainly offer you a solution for that. We can help you realize your vision for your trade show LED display so you can achieve the goal you have set for this exhibition. We can curate a display solution to match your specific needs and requirements.


One helpful solution is incorporating display technology in your booth or stand. And LED display is your top choice. LED screens for trade shows help you stand out in the crowd and make the most of your participation.

At OneDisplay, the team of visual experts knows that adding a bit of flash can make all the difference. For both large and small-booth setups, Elite can work with their customers to create a unique display aesthetic. They carry leading brands in all areas of LED display technology, meaning they can cater to your exact needs. To create a booth that gets noticed, you need a partner who knows how to make it happen.

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